Fast Learning and the Lectera Platform

Fast Learning and the Lectera Platform

25 Dec 2020

What is the “Fast Education” methodology?

In essence, the “Fast Education” methodology is the philosophy of creating training programmes that facilitate learners assimilated continuous learning into their lives without suffering any drawbacks. It’s an expeditious, pain-free, educational experience. You develop specific skills in one’s chosen study course, and it’s life long learning at it’s best.

KNOWLEDGE: get the necessary information.

ACTION: immediately apply it in practice.

SKILL: acquire the desired skills through practice.

RESULT: turn skills into results.

PINNING the RESULT: share your knowledge with others.

DEVELOPMENT AND NEW RESULTS: constantly repeat the cycle-knowledge, action, skill, consolidation.

SYSTEMATIC LEARNING: devote 15-30 minutes of training each day to ensure continuous step-by-step growth.

What does “Fast Education” give you?

  1. You only learn what you need to. Nowadays, there’s a substantial gap between having classical education and the actual requirements of employers. A case in point is that you may have noticed yourself that in job advertisements, employers often expect candidates to have time management, leadership, soft and hard skills. However, all these skills aren’t taught at universities, and such training doesn’t require detailed theoretical knowledge. It would be best if you had a practical focus and training of skills. Therefore, online training with video courses is an opportunity to level-up precisely those skills needed for work and career growth.
  2. Life-Long Learning: never stop learning! The concept of lifelong learning is gaining in popularity. It’s no longer enough to devote four years to training and forget about it forever after. Why? Well, the answer is simple, and it’s down to competition and the pace of development. Today, new knowledge and skills appear daily. The professional who has honed the most of these new skills and mastered the new knowledge will have a competitive advantage and find themselves in demand in the labour market. That’s why regular training imperative. It must be made into a good habit, like good personal hygiene. However, constant study according to the old methods requires a lot of effort, patience and time.
  3. We are all long accustomed to the fact that either the teacher forces the student, or a conscientious person forces themselves. In either case, there must be some pressure, coercion for the learning to take place. Now imagine, we are talking about the fact that you should always learn. So, the rat-race and modern life isn’t such a pain? Must we self-flagellate, suffer and learn? The answer is a resounding “NO!” Well, not using our “Fast Education” methodology! It has been created so that fast learning is not pain so that it can be made a permanent habit that does not cause suffering, and best of all, it will come naturally.
  4. Learn quickly. The actions in your daily routine don’t take up much time. You get out of bed, wash, brew a nice cup of tea, get dressed, drink your morning tea (or hot beverage of choice), leave the house, and get into your car, etc. For this whole programme to work out, everything has to be at hand and all the buttons in the usual places. The same must be valid on the move. Using time while driving, waiting for a train or lift, queuing up for something, indeed, at any time. Everything you need for training must be in one place, on one link, and one personal account. It would help if you had different formats. For example, in the morning, your morning hot drink gives you a chance to mull things over and perhaps have a motivational insight that sets the mood and prompts ideas for the day. During the day, have short video lessons to switch from routine tasks for 15 minutes. In the evening, use another learning format that helps plan the next day.
  5. Learning by knowing the goal. The methodology here offers the same as in the previous paragraph, but for long-term development. Anyone can know what they want to become, for example, a Food Services Manager. He or she gets tested, gets recommendations about what skills they to improve, then they take a course, learn, and gets the right skills. But not just these specific new skills, but additionally think about achieving new goals, whatever they may be, and in what direction should they plan their long-term development and career. Once again, this is done without pain, and without turning their life upside down for the new purpose.

The uniqueness of the Lectera product

To faciliate the learner with all the “Fast Learning” opportunities outlined above a new approach is required both in the creation of training programmes and in developing the technical tools required for training. The various modules of the Lectera platform are being developed to become such tools and make possible the full implementation of the Fast education concept.

Currently, the platform is working in a beta version, because not all the modules are online yet. Nevertheless, when they have been fully developed many people will be pleasantly surprised. For example, soon, we plan to help students in building their career and offering career guidance. Surely everyone dreamt of such a device that would select the optimal profession for a person, how to master it and ways to realise oneself in it. Well, with the aid of Artificial Intelligence, we are going to make this dream come true! So far, it is difficult to explain in words how it will look, so it’s better to wait and try it for yourself when everything is ready.

Therefore, Lectera is not just another “course library,” although some part of the educational content can be transferred to any other educational platform video tutorials, for example. However, the entire training programme as a whole, with all the formats it combines, cannot be replicated anywhere in the world today.

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