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Mila Semeshkina is the CEO of the Lectera platform. Marketer, researcher of the modern media market, and producer of educational courses. She is an opinion leader in the field of personal growth and development, as well as a popular blogger. She is an international specialist in the creation and promotion of high-tech brands – from the scratch all the way to leading positions in the market. Mila is a true entrepreneur.

quote In total, I have spent over 20 years on my development and training.
quote I created my own methodology based on the principle of Fast Education - Fast Results. I know how to learn and develop quickly and effectively.
quote How I learned — that's all that mattered.

About my education

Have you ever met people who have been learning their whole lives — starting in their early childhood and it just continued on? If so, this is about me. My whole life is connected with knowledge and information; the search for and realization of knowledge. Like any other child prodigy, I graduated from school at the age of 15. The same year I became the youngest student at my university. Moreover, I was enrolled in a double program and received a double diploma. I then finished my master's program and did my postgraduate studies, wrote a dissertation, and taught at a university. Altogether, I have spent over 20 years on my development and training. And I can confidently say that my growth and success in life have nothing to do with where I studied. How I learned — that's all that mattered.

About my development

All of this theoretical knowledge gave me the ability to think outside the box, but it did not affect my income or my personal and professional growth in any way. Throughout my career and my development I have identified one major pattern: if I solve a specific problem, or hone a specific skill, concrete results will appear in my life in the form of financial or career growth, or some other breakthrough in my life. Success has nothing to do with long-term training and education at all. There is a link between obtaining the information you need, practicing a skill, implementing it further, and getting a result.

About my self-realization

While I was reflecting on my history of learning, I realized what my life purpose is: to help people find themselves, to forge their own path, and create positive changes in their lives. I know how to learn and develop quickly and effectively, and how to make sure that these changes occur in your life so that you can see the result of your growth. All of our troubles in life are associated with the fact that we do not have a specific skill in order to get out of a difficult situation. So, I have different solutions for different situations - but within the same methodology.

I have created an entire educational platform that allows people to acquire knowledge and skills, practice them, and learn to apply them in their lives. I developed training programs, recorded courses (with the help of a large team of people), and released a book. I also created the website Smart Mila so that you can get tips and help with your professional and personal growth.

Mila Semeshkina — CEO of Lectera

Mila Semeshkina
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