What is Fast Education?

What is Fast Education?

1 Jan 2021

Fast Education is a personalised learning experience that people can receive anytime and anywhere online. Fast Education is not just another run of the mill educational platform, but a series of interactive courses explicitly created for the formation and improvement of skills.

It is worth remembering fast fashion, which quickly became popular with the launch of the Zara and H&M brands which quickly adopted and adapted high fashion into affordable and trendy clothing for the mass market. Fast Education has a lot in common with the fast-track method, where things that were previously unavailable to most people have become available to many.

We live in a world where quality education is expensive. In the western world, it is synonymous with student loans, and in developing countries, it is synonymous with a lack of access and cultural taboos.

Today, I consider it my personal mission to make Education assessable to all. The focus of our platform is on emerging markets, where through study, we turn practical skills into tangible results, such as university entrance, a promotion, or getting a pay rise.

I know that we are on the right track because research data also supports my desire to help society.

Recent research and surveys confirm that our company and online education technology giants such as Coursera are on the right track, as they bring concrete results not only for educated people but also for students with limited financial and other opportunities.

Fast Education will eliminate educational inequality! Moreover, whilst I do not believe that it will one day replace traditional university education, I am convinced that it will expand the opportunities currently offered at universities around the globe. It will also bring those who have severe difficulties in accessing knowledge closer to achieving their professional goals and increase the number of people entering higher education.

And this is just the beginning! According to Class Central, around 23 million new students signed up for their first MOOC (МОДК) in 2017. Furthermore, the total number of students enrolled through MOOC (МОДК) has already reached 81 million* (https://www.edsurge.com/news/2018-01-22-a-product-at-every-price-a-review-of-mooc-stats-and-trends-in-2017).

We at Lectera want to be at the forefront of this trend and make practical skills available to students online at any time and anywhere in the world.

Unlike traditional online education platforms, we do not specialise in more general education courses, such as History or Art Theory, or highly specialised courses for professionals, such as programming. We believe in teaching people skills that they can apply in any area of their lives. These include people skills, leadership skills, and skills to sell and promote different products, concepts and ideas. Such skills are widely applicable on the one hand but are simultaneously also quite specialised.

With the expansion of the MOOC (МОДК) market, people’s improved access to smartphones in developing countries, set against the backdrop of other technological innovations, and the advent of machine learning, the demand for skills that can be applied everywhere will increase dramatically.

I genuinely believe that Fast Education is the answer to the tectonic shifts that the workforce and learners around the world expect, and I encourage you to join me in this exciting knowledge revolution.

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