Lectera’s five core values

Lectera’s five core values

22 Jan 2021

Financial literacy and fast learning methods are the future of educational platforms. Our Lectera team and I must follow current trends and be the first to implement them in the masses market and be useful over the long term. That is why efficiency and adaptability are Lectera’s core values.

Traditional educational achievement alone has long been no guarantee of employment, either in Russia or elsewhere. In our contemporary world, all we have to offer is our knowledge and skills. The reality is that they are valued far above degrees and certificates. We believe that to be successful means to learn and develop quickly.

The world economy is approaching the point where qualified specialists with a state-of-the-art education (and especially if they are IT literate) are becoming the most precious resource. Lectera is ready to give you every opportunity to get the latest knowledge online in new areas and remain a sought-after professional of the future.

Our mantra is that money is one of the leading indicators of success. Nevertheless, it is not just because having money makes someone elevated in the eyes of society. Instead, that money is a development tool that allows you to remain agile, develop and adapt. Therefore, exponentially increasing your income and working in an optimal environment are synonymous with an excellent quality of life.

It’s vital for us that you feel comfortable. You always have a choice of how and when to acquire knowledge, and we will always give you that choice. All we ask from you is that you put in the commitment to make the best use of your time. Remember, every day is a step in the right direction, and that you are the master of your destiny. Nevertheless, Lectera, as your guiding light, is there to become your navigator, your PA (Personal Assistant), and mentor. Lectera is your shepherd to a better life.

Why learn fast and online?

It’s old hat now to say that the world’s educational system has long been approaching a crisis. The only mystery is that we don’t know yet when this crisis will hit. By 2025, UNESCO predicts a shortage of nearly 100 million jobs for professionals who have received a Higher Education. That spells disaster for governments and educational institutions around the world.

Another result of the fallout is that it’s likely that the price of studying for Higher Education will exponentially rise. Consequently, the competition for budget places will only grow, as will the number of those who are ready to study even in an outdated programme for the sake of having at least gaining some kind of degree. An alternative scenario is that education will become bargain basement, and the quality of education will go down the pan. Both potential scenarios, of course, are equally concerning.

In the USA, about 2.3 million young students study online, and as a result, their parents save $27 billion per annum. Moreover, statistics show that home-educated graduates read more, understand politics better, and become more active in public life.

That notion is also backed up by the unforgettable examples of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who abandoned university education altogether for the sake of business. Or Elon Musk, who believes that colleges are “made for fun” and that a degree is not “proof of exceptional ability.”

Paul Graham, famous for creating Y Combinator, a new funding model for – early-stage start-ups, asserts that the school system in the United States and other large countries has long outlived its usefulness. In his opinion, the educational system is a game that can be “hacked” if you know its rules. That is, to write exactly those theses in the essay that the teacher expects from you, or to memorise only “important” facts, neglecting others, seen as less significant.

Cal Newport, a professor at Georgetown University and author of the bestseller Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World, is convinced that the ability to learn new skills quickly is more important than ever. In terms of both quality and speed, his criteria for being able to work at the highest level are:

  • If you are a student, you need to grasp a complicated topic faster than others to have a competitive advantage.
  • If you are an engineer, you need to use new technologies before your colleagues.
  • If you are a blogger, then you cannot do without the ability to find useful knowledge and then synthesise it into your content.
  • If you are a businessperson, you need to quickly find new niches and implement business models ahead of competitors.

Therefore, at Lectera, we believe that learning is not the famous proverb “gnaw the granite of science”. Moreover, this is not a programme to be hacked. Training is a service. It should be user-friendly, understandable, useful and inexpensive. And, if it fails to meet such requirements, then this is the problem of those who came up with the service.

Following these four criteria is a necessity that the future dictates. By studying online with Lectera, you save money, get knowledge anywhere, anytime, and do it with comfort and pleasure.

Lectera is responsive. We do not have rigid schemes “block of knowledge – check of this block – next block of knowledge”. With us, you can make mistakes, be yourself and change your route. Instead of studying one programme for four whole years, you can take several different courses, thereby expanding your specialisations. Simultaneously, our courses allow you to watch training materials an infinite number of times. There are no restrictions!

We believe that change is an ongoing process, but you can make it bespoke to you by adjusting it to your needs and preferences. With Lectera, you can learn at your own pace, choose only the areas you need, and be successful in the here and now.

Why do you need to learn to make money?

The contradictory situation with education strongly impacts the economies of different countries. There is not only a shortage of jobs, but also a shortage of human capital, and specifically highly skilled specialists. That threatens both the socio-political reality and the quality of life of ordinary people. Scientists predict that between 2020 and 2030, there will be a real chasm between supply and demand globally.

That’s why it is worth thinking now about how to prepare for the coming “economic turbulence.” We have declared “Fast Education” and “Money Education” as our core principles, so really encourage our users to learn quickly and learn what actually makes money. We only create educational programmes with which you can increase your income. That’s why we don’t develop courses on spiritual growth or purely creative self-realisation. We put practice above theory, and material benefits above general erudition. This is the philosophy behind Money Education.

Does this mean that we consider money to be the essential thing in life? The answer is a resounding “NO!” We have seen many examples of already existing websites that are excellent at developing spirituality and establishing inner harmony, and we have great respect for the work of these companies. By the way, Mindvalley myself, and there is nothing to be embarrassing to say that you want to become a better person and raise your consciousness. However, when it comes to earning more money, having a better lifestyle and standard of living, for some reason, hundreds of thousands of people are embarrassed to admit such a natural desire.

And with Lectera there is no discrimination. We exist for everyone anyone who wants to get rich. 😉 Don’t be ashamed about it! Getting rich is the right thing to aim for. Not because, as the clique goes, “money rules the world” – because money in itself doesn’t matter. It’s what you can do with it that’s important. For example, buy your parents an all-expenses-paid luxury world cruise, or pay for the finest private medical care for your loved ones. Or, to make your children free from financial worry and allow them to live the life they want.

From time immemorial, people have been taught to protect moral values, and with all this, it is considered the norm that millions of people do not live, but just survive. They make compromises and abandon their dreams because no one taught them how to earn and increase income. Nobody explained the basics of financial literacy and the laws by which money works. We believe that anyone can earn as much as they need. You don’t have to waste precious time in your life working from dawn to dusk. It is possible and necessary to develop morally, spiritually, creatively, and most importantly, professionally. Some resources can help with this. Our task is first to teach a person how to achieve this very financial freedom and then provide a choice.

Why do we believe this will make the world a better place?

Today we live in conditions of economic uncertainty when we have to deal with complex financial products. We have to independently figure out what has been offered and why. Understanding basic financial terms and concepts, working business models and marketing principles can make life a lot easier.

Additionally, according to the World Economic Forum, qualified professionals with the relevant education and economic training will soon be like gold dust and in high demand. There can be no development of the world economy without the provision of much sought-after specialists. That means that we run the risk of witnessing stagnation and recession in large industries. What can be done to fix this?

Of course, learn! At Lectera, we believe that vocational training in specific skills is the simplest solution to this problem. Consequently, our role in this is to create an educational service that will help the maximum number of people become more efficient and more prosperous.

After all, the higher the salaries, the higher the purchasing power. These new funds, in taxes, go into the state coffers and add to the budget. Consequently, the GDP is growing, and the country’s economy is getting stronger. With Lectera, you will receive the knowledge and skills that will make not only your life better and more stable but also the world around you.

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