Lectera and I have been selected as finalists for the 2023 EdTech Awards!

Lectera and I have been selected as finalists for the 2023 EdTech Awards!

30 Mar 2023

Since childhood, I have been one of those labeled “achievers” as I have always known what I wanted and achieved it, regardless of the time and effort it took. And now, a new victory — I entered the top 10 in the Global Leader nomination, and my main brainchild, the Lectera platform, has been selected as a finalist in two categories!

I have been following the annual EdTech Awards, which Lectera and I already had the pleasure of winning last year in the best continuing education service category. This award means a lot to me, as well as to all businesses in this industry. The EdTech Awards are awarded only to startups that have made valuable contributions to developing educational technology and modern learning. That’s why I want to cheer whenever Lectera or I appear on their list. I am thrilled to be their finalist and, more so, to be nominated in several categories!

More specifically, Lectera entered the final of the following nominations:

  • EdTech Сompany Setting a Trend, The EdTech Trendsetter Awards;
  • Career planning solution, The EdTech Cool Tool Awards.

It may sound brazen (down with modesty!), but we do deserve recognition in these areas. The Lectera website receives about 1.5 million visitors a month, and our staff employs about 250 people from 19 countries. Our catalog includes more than 100 courses developed by international experts and professionals, and we have repeatedly collaborated with high-profile projects like trivago, English First, and Grintern. As the CEO of the company and the author of the new Fast Education methodology, I appeared in Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and other magazines I read as a student. In short, we’re not standing still, and we’re constantly expanding (and geographically, too, last year, we started Hindi courses, for example) and looking for new visual and interactive educational formats.

It all began with my usual desire to learn quickly and practically while staying focused on the most important skills. While working on my dissertation, I became disappointed with the modern education system. I realized that the knowledge the college gives you becomes obsolete even before you receive your diploma. That is how Lectera came to be — the embodiment of my passion for learning and my desire to improve it so others can reach their full potential with minimal stress and resources. So before launching my platform, I consolidated all my experience gained from working in different companies over the past decade and analyzed the market. My efforts were not in vain, as evidenced by the EdTech Awards 2023!

By the way, an interesting fact: we launched Lectera right during the coronavirus pandemic, that is, in the summer of 2020. Can you imagine how difficult and stressful it was? But despite everything, we coped. And every such victory as the EdTech Award proves that all our efforts were not in vain.

I have big plans for Lectera and other projects, including the Women’s Empowerment Council, a global network of women whose members have access to Lectera’s best courses. There is no doubt in my mind that together we will change the world!

If you’re curious — all the nominees of the EdTech Awards 2023 are here.

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