«Your million-dollar career»

11 lessons for a breakthrough career from the founder and CEO of the international educational platform Lectera.com and author of the international bestseller "Learn or Leave the Market."

your million dollar career book

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the tools of success. By following the steps in this book, you can achieve your goals in a straightforward and easy-to-understand approach.


Practical orientation:

Giving a minimum of theory, the author focuses on specific recommendations for building a career strategy, overcoming obstacles, and resolving difficult situations. The author illustrates the use of many tools with examples from her practice.


Textbook/workbook format:

Each chapter contains a set of exercises for self-examining the assimilation of the material, conducting introspection, and building a career strategy.



The book contains numerous diagrams, illustrations and inserts that make it easier to understand the material and promote self-directed learning.



Although the book is aimed at a wide range of readers, it provides answers to specific questions and advice regarding certain common situations: juggling career and motherhood, entering the global market, and much more.

your million dollar career book opened
mila smart semeshkina

Author's story

"I have come a long way from an intern to a top manager and then to the head of a large international business with a team of more than 1000 people worldwide. Employers deceived me, I was laid off, and I worked under tyrannical bosses, but despite all this, I managed to build an awe-inspiring career. And now, I want as many people as possible to learn from my experience, which is why I wrote this book. It can help you save time and simplify the path to your dream job, as I have done for thousands of people as a career consultant. You hold an applied tool that will allow you to plan your career path for the coming decades and realize your potential in just 11 steps. Anything is possible. Even a million-dollar career."