24 Dec 2020

Tailwind for EdTech: Mila Semeshkina live on the air of businessman Viktor Orlovsky

Today at 7 pm Moscow time, the founder and CEO of Lectera Mila Semeshkina and a venture capitalist from Silicon Valley, founder of the Fort Ross Ventures fund Viktor Orlovsky will meet live. They have a lot to say about the future of EdTech. Join them: @ORLOVSKI_V

4 Aug 2020

A new stage in the implementation of Mila Semeshkina's Fast Education methodology - now for corporations.

The international educational platform, Lectera, has launched a module for its corporate clients. Lectera Corp offers ready-made courses to help businesses solve their problems efficiently, quickly, and on a budget. Read more

23 Jul 2020

Mila's legendary training “Learn or leave the market”

A step-by-step plan to kick-start and develop your career, relevant information about the job market and the job prospects for in different fields, as well as inspiration and motivation from Mila Semeshkina — everyone can have this unique opportunity tonight at 19:00 Moscow time. Registration

10 Jul 2020

Insights - a new learning format on Lectera

The new Lectera Insight module is about to launch on the Lectera platform. Insights is a unique educational format developed within the framework of Mila Semeshkina's Fast Education methodology (fast learning).

7 Jul 2020

Mila Semeshkina's training in Mexico

During her business trip to Mexico, Mila held a training session called "New Trends in Online Education". More than 1,000 people from 7 countries from around the world took part in the online coaching program.

30 Jun 2020

Mila Semeshkina's interview for Harper's Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar published an interview with Mila. In the interview she talked about the release of her book and launching a project during a pandemic. She also shared her view on women's leadership with the readers and the specifics of building a business and career in a post-COVID world.

10 Jun 2020

Mila Semeshkina's book "Learn or leave the market" is now available for free

The book is already on the shelves in 40 of the largest bookstores and chains in Moscow and the rest of Russia. It will also be available in English and German soon. However, for those who are especially worried about their professional future at the moment, Mila Semeshkina decided to distribute printed and electronic versions of the publication for free. More on how to get the book here:

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1 Dec 2022

SOS. How can networking help you find a job?

In our everyday lives, we are constantly networking without realising it. So, when new acquaintances, friendships or friendly relationships arise, many businesspeople, including myself, immediately wonder: how do I make

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17 Nov 2022

Job hopping: how do HR managers and employers feel about it, and is it actually as bad as it seems? 

Today, I want to share my views on job hopping – the constant (or relatively frequent) job changes that some HR managers and jobseekers are so afraid of happening. Regular

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17 Nov 2022

“Let's play hide and seek!” or How to spot hidden stress and get rid of it

Life constantly challenges us with stressful situations. There are many reasons for this – for example, perpetual bickering with family members, attempting to elucidate homework to an inapprehensive child, or

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