1 Jul 2021

How to find your career path: Mila Semeshkina's column in Forbes

In her new article for Forbes, Mila Semeshkina gives six unexpected tips for those looking for a new breath of invigorating fresh air for their career development. Interested? Crack on and read more here

30 Jun 2021

Mila Semeshkina has spoken to about what motivated her to create her international educational platform

In her article "From hobby to monetization: how to create a business project from scratch" posted on on 22 June 2021, Mila shared her story of creating the Lectera international educational platform. She told about the successes she has achieved during the year of the platform's existence, the hurdles she has overcome in challenging the difficult times for global business during the pandemic, and shared the values that help her achieve fabulous results.

10 Jun 2021

Mila Semeshkina's project Lectera is recognized as the best continuing education service in the world!

The Lectera platform won the EdTech breakthrough Award-2021 as Best Ongoing Education Solution Provider. The EdTech breakthrough Awards is the world's most prestigious award and is only awarded to leading technology companies, solutions and products in education. To win the prize, a company must make a huge and invaluable contribution to the development of education or educational technology. Thus, Discovery Education, LEGO Education and PowerSchool were the winners in 2020. In 2021, Lectera, barely a year old, has also reached this Olympus of the EdTech industry.

11 Mar 2021

Mila Semeshkina is on the HolonIQ list among the top 200 female leaders in the EdTech field

HolonIQ, an established and prestigious research project in the field of training and education, took stock of women's leadership around the world, focusing mainly on politics and economics. Mila Semeshkina, the Lectera CEO, is one of the top 200 female leaders and founders of the world's leading and stellar startups in the EdTech field. Find out more details.

9 Mar 2021

Mila Semeshkina is one of the 100 Russian female entrepreneurs listed by Rusbase

“They change the world and inspire everyone around them. They launch projects, support novice teams, build bridges between corporations and start-ups, and take business to a new level.” The online platform Rusbase has compiled a list of the 100 brightest businesswomen in Russia. The article has been written on the occasion of International Women's Day. Mila Semeshkina, the Lectera CEO, is one of the heroines of our time. Read more.

16 Feb 2021

Mila Semeshkina about women in business for Marie Claire

In her new article published by Marie Claire magazine, Mila told about the ways of tackling gender stereotypes women use when facing them in the "male-dominated" area of business. She also shared her secrets of how to stay self-confident and win. More at

2 Feb 2021

The Go Big project from trivago is up!

What is Go Big? Go Big is seven mind-blowingly fascinating stories about seven strong and daring leaders who took their chances and launched business projects in the most challenging conditions — during the pandemic. One of these people is Mila Semeshkina. In a very frank interview with trivago, she spoke about all the issues and challenges she faced when launching the Lectera educational platform. Read more

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29 Oct 2021

A career marathon developed for sustainable career development

The world has never moved forward at such cosmic speed: technologies, professions, business, culture - everything seems to be changing within a matter of months and before our very eyes!

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9 Aug 2021

The most promising EdTech startups of fall 2021

Quarantine made EdTech more popular than ever: people had to urgently seek educational opportunities under new conditions. The latest technology has come to their aid. Both ordinary people and large

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2 Aug 2021

Everything You Wanted to Know about Microlearning

For centuries, people believed that education meant many years of life spent behind textbooks, and at the lectures and seminars, for the sake of mastering a single field of expertise.

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