16 Feb 2021

Mila Semeshkina about women in business for Marie Claire

In her new article published by Marie Claire magazine, Mila told about the ways of tackling gender stereotypes women use when facing them in the "male-dominated" area of business. She also shared her secrets of how to stay self-confident and win. More at

2 Feb 2021

The Go Big project from trivago is up!

What is Go Big? Go Big is seven mind-blowingly fascinating stories about seven strong and daring leaders who took their chances and launched business projects in the most challenging conditions — during the pandemic. One of these people is Mila Semeshkina. In a very frank interview with trivago, she spoke about all the issues and challenges she faced when launching the Lectera educational platform. Read more

14 Jan 2021

Mila Semeshkina is to appear in the trivago’s Go Big project

Hotel booking service trivago has released a teaser for the Go Big project, which the founder and CEO of Lectera Mila Semeshkina took part in. The project is dedicated to seven people from different parts of the world who saw new opportunities in the challenges of the pandemic. And Mila Semeshkina has become one of these outstanding people of modern business. More

24 Dec 2020

Tailwind for EdTech: Mila Semeshkina live on the air of businessman Viktor Orlovsky

Today at 7 pm Moscow time, the founder and CEO of Lectera Mila Semeshkina and a venture capitalist from Silicon Valley, founder of the Fort Ross Ventures fund Viktor Orlovsky will meet live. They have a lot to say about the future of EdTech. Join them: @ORLOVSKI_V

4 Aug 2020

A new stage in the implementation of Mila Semeshkina's Fast Education methodology - now for corporations.

The international educational platform, Lectera, has launched a module for its corporate clients. Lectera Corp offers ready-made courses to help businesses solve their problems efficiently, quickly, and on a budget. Read more

23 Jul 2020

Mila's legendary training “Learn or leave the market”

A step-by-step plan to kick-start and develop your career, relevant information about the job market and the job prospects for in different fields, as well as inspiration and motivation from Mila Semeshkina — everyone can have this unique opportunity tonight at 19:00 Moscow time. Registration

10 Jul 2020

Insights - a new learning format on Lectera

The new Lectera Insight module is about to launch on the Lectera platform. Insights is a unique educational format developed within the framework of Mila Semeshkina's Fast Education methodology (fast learning).

A blog about online education

10 лайфхаков для эффективного онлайн-обучения

12 Feb 2021

Ten life hacks for effective online learning

Online education is always self-education. The result in this field depends strictly upon you, your goals and your perseverance. Where should you begin, once youhave set your sights on studying

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Как надо и не надо: 5 практик успешного обучения

29 Jan 2021

Dos and Don'ts of 5 Successful Learning Practices

Previously, no one could have imagined that learning is a process that requires a scientific and balanced approach not only on the part of the teacher, but also on the

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Пять главных ценностей Lectera

22 Jan 2021

Lectera’s five core values

Financial literacy and fast learning methods are the future of educational platforms. Our Lectera team and I must follow current trends and be the first to implement them in the

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