1 Aug 2022

Lectera has opened free access to all courses in Russia

In June 2022, the platform created by Mila Semeshkina turned two years old.  Another fantastic piece of news accompanied the date: as of June 22, 2022, has abolished fees for students from Russia for access to educational content hosted on the platform's website.

"We have created the Lectera education platform with the idea that access to education is a universal value.  Therefore, we want to support all who may be thinking about increasing their value in the labor market or a new career today," said Mila Semeshkina.

The event received a great response in Russia, and many of the country's leading publications covered the event.

22 Apr 2022

Mila Semeshkina on the cover of the April Forbes Club: “Lectera is my second self.”

The April issue of the Forbes Club business publication has a photo of Mila Semeshkina on the cover. Furthermore, the issue contains a huge interview with Mila.

In her interview, the Lectera CEO spoke to Forbes Club about her business story origins and how she came up with the idea of ​​Lectera. Moreover, she discussed the difficulties the company had to face during the launch at the most difficult economic times of the pandemic. In the interview, you can find many revelations and unique facts both about Mila and her vision of the EdTech business. So, hurry up and find out why Smart Mila is more than a nickname!

10 Mar 2022

Mila Semeshkina once again makes the HolonIQ top 200 outstanding women list 

On the eve of International Women's Day, the analytical platform HolonIQ submitted its list of prominent women managing or leading international start-ups in EdTech. Mila Semeshkina takes pride of place for the second year in a row on this list.

Mila is the CEO and founder of the Lectera platform, the creator of the innovative Fast Education methodology, which enables you to learn new skills that you need to move up the career ladder by dedicating just 15–20 minutes a day to your training. Lectera is a fast, continuing education platform that keeps up with the times and is slightly ahead of them.

Together with Mila Semeshkina, the list also includes women such as Whitney Kilgore (PhD, co-founder, and chief scientist of IDesign), Damilola Emuze (CEO and co-founder of ScholarX), Barbara Yu (CEO and founder of UniCareer) and more than 190 women worldwide who are deciding the future of EdTech with their work.

7 Mar 2022

Mila Semeshkina is the President of the international organisation Women's Empowerment Council

Mila Semeshkina has become the president of the Women's Empowerment Council, an international organisation dedicated to supporting and creating new equal opportunities for women in business. Currently, the organisation has over 30,000 members worldwide. Its primary aim is to help women fully realise their business potential and be on an equal footing with men.

On March the 8th, on International Women's Day, the first-ever meeting occurred between influential women from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia. The businesswomen shared their remarkable success stories, inspiring current and future members of the organisation to achieve even more. Additionally, they discussed the plans for developing the Women's Empowerment Council.

Shortly, the organisation will have a new website and new social networks, which will be available in different languages.

23 Dec 2021

What to put under the Christmas tree? ОК! recommends Lectera 

ОК! published selected ideas for the best presents. It describes the courses by Lectera as remarkable and suitable for anybody, including  your family, friends, coworkers. Read more.

13 Dec 2021

Time Business News about Lectera: why it is the best solution for career growth and professional development

Time Business News has published a review of the Lectera platform created by Mila Semeshkina. The article describes in great detail all the benefits Lectera is offering to anyone looking to move up the career ladder. The Fast Education methodology, diverse course topics, soft skills training — all this and other advantages make Lectera a fascinating educational platform. See more details here.

13 Dec 2021

Mila Semeshkina for TechBullion: Why learning with the Lectera platform is the right choice

The new TechBullion review article will tell you about the core idea behind building the Lectera platform and why you should choose Lectera for effective learning. You can read the full article here.

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10 Jun 2022

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8 Jun 2022

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23 May 2022

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