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Online education and self-development

9 Mar 2021

An overview of today’s online education platforms: from Coursera to iTunes U

All current online universities can be classified into different types; for example, Coursera is a “traditional” facility for online education, while iTunes U seems better suited for the rapid study …

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12 Feb 2021

Ten life hacks for effective online learning

Online education is always self-education. The result in this field depends strictly upon you, your goals and your perseverance. Where should you begin, once youhave set your sights on studying …

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29 Jan 2021

Dos and Don'ts of 5 Successful Learning Practices

Previously, no one could have imagined that learning is a process that requires a scientific and balanced approach not only on the part of the teacher, but also on the …

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22 Jan 2021

Lectera’s five core values

Financial literacy and fast learning methods are the future of educational platforms. Our Lectera team and I must follow current trends and be the first to implement them in the …

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15 Jan 2021

Why modern specialists can’t do without educational courses.

Many experts in their field are distrustful of educational courses and believe that only classical education is valued in companies. In fact, however, the educational courses that a specialist has …

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8 Jan 2021

Workers of the future: how to work with Gen Z?

Generation Z are people born between 1997 and 2010. That is, modern youth of about 20 years of age, who are just beginning to build a career and are looking …

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1 Jan 2021

What is Fast Education?

Fast Education is a personalised learning experience that people can receive anytime and anywhere online. Fast Education is not just another run of the mill educational platform, but a series …

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25 Dec 2020

Fast Learning and the Lectera Platform

What is the “Fast Education” methodology? In essence, the “Fast Education” methodology is the philosophy of creating training programmes that facilitate learners assimilated continuous learning into their lives without suffering …

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18 Dec 2020

Online education trends for 2020 and the up and coming decade

The era of online education is indeed now upon us. Online education has challenged the traditional education system, opened up new prospects for millions of professionals, and redefined learning. Online …

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