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20 Sep 2022

"I'm leaving gracefully." How to quit your job properly

“Why should I try to maintain a good relationship with former colleagues and management if I am going to quit?” you might ask. I will answer from my own experience: …

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10 Jun 2022

Get a job as an HR manager at any cost: how you can win over an employer with your CV

Today I will reveal some helpful secrets for those who want a distinguished career in HR and realise that there are many unknown pitfalls.

8 Jun 2022

Everything is in your hands: what is agency, and why is it a trend in 2023?

Even though two years have passed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the trends it has established have continued to develop worldwide. As a result, it has given rise to new demands for companies and professionals.

23 May 2022

Soft power in business. Why is it always better than tough negotiations?

We are all familiar with hard power. For the first time we encounter it in childhood, when, for example, a parent takes away a favorite toy from a child in order to force her to do homework or run an errand.

29 Oct 2021

A career marathon developed for sustainable career development

The world has never moved forward at such cosmic speed: technologies, professions, business, culture - everything seems to be changing within a matter of months and before our very eyes!

9 Aug 2021

The most promising EdTech startups of fall 2021

Quarantine made EdTech more popular than ever: people had to urgently seek educational opportunities under new conditions.

2 Aug 2021

Everything You Wanted to Know about Microlearning

For centuries, people believed that education meant many years of life spent behind textbooks, and at the lectures and seminars, for the sake of mastering a single field of expertise. …

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20 Jul 2021

The online MBA in 2021: the pros, cons, best programmes, and a list of documents for admission

What is an MBA? This means a Master of Business Administration, a master’s programme that educates executives and entrepreneurs. You normally find that it contains ten to twelve subjects that …

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23 Jun 2021

Why Lifelong Learning is the Future of Your Career

The online learning market is growing rapidly. In 2018, global spending on education totalled $5.9 trillion. According to HolonIQ statistics, that figure will increase to 10 trillion a year by …

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16 Jun 2021

How is technology transforming our education?

Over the past century, technological advances have transformed the way we live and learn. Or haven’t they? Suppose you look at the painting by the Italian artist Laurenzius de Voltolina, …

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